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Empowering Parents
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At Parental Rights South Carolina, we’re dedicated to guiding parents in remaining vigilant against threats to their rights. Our focus encompasses legislative actions, medical autonomy, education-related issues, and threats to educational freedom. Moreover, we advocate for proactive involvement to ensure these rights are upheld.

Safeguarding parental rights lays the crucial groundwork for upholding and ensuring the rights of children.


Parental Rights South Carolina stands at the forefront of a growing grassroots initiative, driven by the conviction that parents inherently possess the right to guide their children’s upbringing, education, and care. 

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What We Do

At Parental Rights South Carolina, we are dedicated to vigilantly monitoring legislation related to parental rights, ensuring that new laws do not encroach upon these essential freedoms. Our mission is rooted in the truth that parents possess inherent rights to raise, educate, and nurture their children according to their values—rights that are not only fundamental but also vital for sustaining the family unit’s foundation. Through proactive education via social media and email, alongside direct action, we strive to protect and affirm these rights, empowering families across South Carolina to uphold their freedoms and make informed decisions for their children’s futures.