Parental Rights Advocacy

Advocacy matters because it empowers parents to safeguard their inherent rights, ensuring families can make decisions that best reflect their values and beliefs without undue interference.


This empowerment not only fortifies the family unit but also champions a society where children’s futures are shaped by those who know and love them best


Our efforts extend beyond mere observation; we vigilantly monitor, meticulously analyze, and proactively inform.

Our Advocacy Efforts

Parental Rights South Carolina stands as a vigilant guardian and advocate for the fundamental rights of parents to make pivotal decisions concerning their children’s upbringing, education, and health care, free from undue government intrusion.

Legislative Surveillance

Our organization is steadfast in its surveillance of South Carolina legislation, diligently ensuring that proposed bills do not contain language that could erode these essential parental rights. We champion legislation that respects the sanctity of the family unit, advocating for laws to be least restrictive and narrowly defined to safeguard parents’ autonomy.

Educational Freedom

At the heart of our advocacy is the conviction that parents should have the unfettered right to choose the form of education that best aligns with their family’s values and beliefs, without government regulations dictating their choices. We stand firm in the belief that educational freedom is a cornerstone of a child’s development and an expression of parental rights at its most fundamental level.

Medical Freedom

Furthermore, Parental Rights South Carolina upholds the principle of medical freedom, asserting that parents must have the authority to make informed health care decisions for their minor children. This belief underscores our commitment to protecting families’ rights to navigate health care choices based on their preferences, convictions, and the unique needs of their children, without facing coercive policies or regulations.

Community Empowerment

Through a combination of legislative monitoring, educational outreach, and mobilization of community action, we strive to empower parents across South Carolina. Our communications via emails, our blog, and social media channels are designed not only to inform but also to activate and engage parents in the defense of their rights. While we are not legal professionals, our goal is to equip parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to assert their rights confidently and effectively.

Our Mission

Parental Rights South Carolina is more than an advocacy group; we are a movement dedicated to upholding the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit, advocating for educational and medical freedom as fundamental components of parental rights. Our mission is to ensure that every parent is supported in their role as the primary caretaker and decision-maker in their child’s life, fostering a community where the family unit is respected and protected.

Legislative Monitoring and Alerting

Continuously track and review proposed state and local legislation affecting parental rights.

Issue timely alerts to the community about relevant legislative developments.

Prepare detailed analyses of potential impacts of proposed laws on parental freedoms.

Parental Education and Resources

Develop and distribute informative resources on parental rights and responsibilities.

Host workshops and webinars on navigating legal and educational systems to advocate for children.

Create guides on engaging with legislators and influencing policy decisions.

Digital Advocacy and Social Media Campaigns

Leverage social media platforms to raise awareness about parental rights issues.

Engage in digital campaigns targeting specific legislation or policies for broader public support.

Create shareable content, including infographics and videos, to simplify complex legal matters for the general audience.

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